Who are the women of Willow?

Willow is an interfaith women's choir under the direction of Farah Chandu. We are mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers, working and retired. We hail from all corners of Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and we represent several different faith traditions. We have discovered tremendous common ground in sharing each other's sacred music. We are professionals and amateurs, and singing together is our labor of love.

Willow was founded in October of 1998, when the women's group of a local UU congregation reached out to the community and sponsored a musical workshop. We knew that we had something worth keeping by the end of that first day, and we have been singing together ever since. In the years since our inception we have found our mission, which is to create something beautiful and life affirming and take it to those who need to hear it. This is our joy. We have carried this joy to concert venues such as hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, schools, churches, synagogues, interfaith gatherings, and The United Nations Headquarters. We use our music to actively work for peace and for human rights.

The willow is tenacious but bending, tough but fertile with interlacing roots which aggressively seek out sustenance. It is used at Sukkot, & it's strength is attributed to Kwan Yin in Buddhism. It is a sacred tree in Wicca & is often used instead of palms on Palm Sunday. It is used as a remedy for pain, as building material in houses, and used the making of beautiful baskets are worldwide.
Willow with Cindy Sheehan